Once you have decided to invest in drilling a bore, testing the water is an essential first step to sourcing the best outcome.
Puredrop Desalination prefers to run water tests with SWEP Analytical Laboratories in Melbourne.

SWEP provide independent and concise water test reports. This will enable us to recommend the most effective Desalination Unit for your needs.

Complete the attached form and include a cheque for $236.50 or fill out the credit card details.

Analysis takes approximately one week and results sent to you and Puredrop.

What you need to do

Collect a 1 litre bore water sample in a plastic bottle and label it –
‘Bore Water Test for Puredrop Desalination’. 

Complete the Water Test Form.
Please include a cheque for $236.50 or fill out the credit card details.

Package the bottle and paperwork, then post to:
SWEP Analytical Laboratories
PO Box 583
Noble Park VIC 3174

The analysis will take approximately one week, with copies of the results sent to you and Puredrop Desalination.

Once we receive the Bore Water Analysis results, we will contact you to discuss the test and the most suitable system for your needs. 

Bore Water Testing - Puredrop Desalination
Bore Water Testing Analysis - Puredrop Desalination