Puredrop Desalination manufacture Reverse Osmosis systems in Central Victoria. Our team assembles filtration systems to meet the requirements of every customer.

All system parts are specifically selected, including the ever-reliable Grundfos Pumps, with frames manufactured on-site to ensure a hard-working and robust unit.

At Puredrop Desalination, we will guide you through the process:

Give access to quality Water Testing facilities to ensure the correct desalination unit configuration for your needs.
Consult and suggest a Site Setup to deliver the recovered water where you need it.
Deliver a complete unit, assist with installation and run tests to ensure water quality.
Provide prompt dispatch of replacement filters, membranes and parts.
Puredrop Desalination – we will consult and assist to make your bore water better.
Puredrop Desalination Team - Make Bore Water Better
Puredrop Desalination Unit - Manufactured in Victoria


Alicia - Puredrop Desalination Unit - Make Bore Water Better
Alicia Martin
Alicia is our Logistics and Parts Manager who will ask the right questions about your proposed bore water filtration system and then coordinate delivery of your Puredrop Desalination Unit.
Chris - Puredrop Desalination Unit - Make Bore Water Better
Chris Martin
Chris is our Head Consultant and On-site Installer. He will be the man at the bore, suggesting the Site Setup and confirming the system is delivering the water to where you need it.
Roger - Puredrop Desalination Unit - Make Bore Water Better
Roger Barbetti

Roger is our Manufacturing Engineer and QA Consultant. He and his team assemble the Puredrop units, ensuring the system operates correctly, and that flow rates and filtration requirements are met.


Desalination Units are designed for your unique location, bore water quality and required end-use.

Puredrop Desalination has delivered over 250 units since 2019. As far north as Townsville and as far west as Perth.

We’ve installed systems at Oodnadatta in South Australia, Bollon in Queensland, and Kojonup in Western Australia. 

We have made many Australians’ lives better…by ‘making their bore water better’.