Desalination systems for Australian conditions

The establishment of a water bore is a significant investment.

You also need to consider the quality of the sourced bore water and the installation of a desalination system to remove salts and other minerals.

Puredrop Desalination Units use Reverse Osmosis technology to recover usable water from bore water.

Puredrop Desalination Maintenance - Reverse Osmosis System
Puredrop Reverse Osmosis Vertical Diagrams

Water Recovery Rates and Typical Site Setups

Most Puredrop Desalination units are configured in ‘4 membrane’ or ‘8 membrane’ arrangements. These are our most common systems.

The ‘4 membrane’ unit will recover up to 27,000L per day – for bore water with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 2000 parts per million (ppm).

Our ‘8 membrane’ unit will deliver double this output when filtering bore water with TDS of 2000ppm.

Bore Water Recovery Rates - Puredrop Desalination Unit
Typical recovery rates* (*Subject to SWEP Water Test results.)

Whatever the size of your property, the quality of the bore water being sourced, and the volume of recovery water required, we will help you prepare your site with a treatment system that works for you.

Typical Site Setups

These site maps will give you a guide to our typical water treatment system setups.
Puredrop Desalination - Bore Water Setup
This is a common Puredrop Desalination site plan. Ideal for locations with Low TDS, good bore flow rate and pressure.
Puredrop Desalination - Bore Water Setup
This is a High TDS site plan. To reduce iron and turbidity in the bore water, a settling tank is used prior to flow through the desalination unit.
This setup is also used if your bore is unable to supply 30L/min at 40-60psi.